Sundown National Park (Fri night to Sunday) MEDIUM / HARD

Sundown National Park South east Queensland, QLD

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Ok I know this trip starts in the dark, but by all accounts the road into the park and camping site is a fairly easy no fuss road, and we all have head lights... Right?
So I figure, meet at Ballandean Estates Winery at what ever time you can make it on Friday before 2000 hrs (8PM) preferably.
Depart as close to 203hrs (830pm) as possible or when all members have arrived (which ever is sooner)
Go to the eastern boundary of sundown national park via Curr Rd. and Sundown Rd. and air down at the gate, do all the appropriate checks and ensure every thing is secured in its places ( nothing worse than loosing the swag on the track or worse still the portable dunny)
Proceed down the track and make a decision at Red Rock Gorge, the first camp, weather to continue on or camp there the night. By this time it will have been a long day for some.
Saturday morning will see a lazy sleep in, for those lucky enough to be able to do so .
Then a breaky and hit the trail into Reedy water hole to set up camp. Or due to a superlative effort by all drivers the night before, we will already be there and will just put the finishing touches on camp.
Then we will head off and explore the park.
Lunch will be as it happens, Im sure your all aware of your eating needs and habits.
All going well we should be able to get in some very decent four wheel driving with tracks ranging from easy to very difficult depending how capable you feel.
There, of course will be the usual rivalry between the different makes of vehicles, which will end with a final decision coming from the trip leader.
Evening meal will be some time in the evening, which is a damned fine time to have it and after that, the adventurous members will have an opportunity to go for a night drive.
Sunday will see another sleep in and leisurely pack up with planed departure around mid day, this allows time to stop at the mines, and go for a walk through to red rock gorge look out on the way back.
Once we get back to the main gate we can air up again and rock on back to Ballandean to pick up those Essential bottles of their tasty products on the way home.

Ok so what to bring.
There are no toilets at the Reedy waterhole, so I suggest minimum shovel and ciggy lighter. Portable toilet is preferred.
There is also no potable water so all water needs to be brought with you.
Obvious, or not at this time of year, its cold out there - so warm clothing and extra warm bedding will be required. Temps will possibly reach as low as 2 or 3 degree C over night.
You will have to book your own vehicle in on the national park website, as I can not book in more than one vehicle.
Just book 2 nights at Reedy waterhole as thats the intended Destination.
All the other things that you would normally Camp and four wheel drive with.
Don't forget your medications, whether they be Brewed, distilled, or Pharmaceutical.
A sense of humour.

Post note.
I have rated this medium hard as four wheeling at night is difficult and different to day driving. please dont let it put you off. there will be plenty of support.
This is my first trip on this group both trip and leading, so please go easy on me, and be patient.
I will try to answer any questions, but im not sure how this site works yet so bare with me.
Cheers and hope to see you out there.


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  • Eric (4x4xEric) I am first-aid qualified I have mechanic skills I had chainsaw training I had winch training Completed Advanced training Trip Leader - Level 1 (Completed over 1 trips)

    Myself only
    Hilux dual cab (2013 Hilux dual cab)
    • 31" Tyres
    • Front & Rear Locker
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  • Brian Ryan (Brian P) I am first-aid qualified I have mechanic skills

    Driver + 1 AdultChecked-In (26-Jun-2020 07:17)
    (2014 76 Series)
    • 32" Tyres, 2" Lifted
    • Front & Rear Locker
    • Winch

Trip Leader Eric (4x4xEric)
please dont be offended if I refer you to a web site if you ask for information about this trip.
08 Jun 2020
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3 adults
Trip Date
26-Jun-2020 (Fri) to 28-Jun-2020 (Sun)

Meeting Point
Ballandean Estate Wines
8:00 PM (Fri, 26-Jun-2020)