DELAYED due to COViD Canning Stock route via Ayers Rock and the Sandy Blight Track MEDIUM

Canning stock route WA plus the Sandy Blight Track, VIC

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This is a substantial trip that will require good preparation and solid committment.  I have travelled the Canning Stock Route (CSR) before North to South, and this time we are going the opposite direction ie South to North.  We will be heading from Melbourne via Mildura and Renmark through to Port Augusta, then up the black top, stopping to enjoy a brief look around Coober Pedy.  From there we head up the blacktop to Ayers Rock and again a brief look around.  If you want more time at The Rock you could skip Coober Pedy and go on ahead or depart earlier.


At this point the offroad part begins.  We will be heading west on the Great Central Road as far as the Docker River where refueling can be done.  Shortly after Docker River we head north on the Sandy Blight Track, whcih may take up to 3 days to traverse.  This track generally follows the WA/NT border and joins the Gary Junction Road, which is a well maintained gravel road which runs East-West from near Alice Springs to Marble Bar.  We then head west along the Gary Juntion until we reach Kunawarritji on the junction of the Canning Stock Route.  Fuel can be obtain here at a high price and sometimes fresh food such as letuce, tomatoes and vegitables can be purchased (but dont bank on it).  At this point we are joining up with a few vehicles from who are taking a different route via Kalgoolie Goldfields to get to Kunawarritji.  Then we head north along the CSR until we reach the Tanami Desert Road where you can refuel again.  It is 1000km of desert track between Kunawarritji and the Tanami road, so you need to be able to carry sufficent fuel for that leg.


At that point, depending on how long the trip has taken, we may either turn east back down the Tanami road towards Alice and a blacktop run home, or go further north via Halls Creek and the Bungle Bungles and then take the blacktop east to the stuart highway to head south and back home via Alice.  The group may not stay together from that point as Solo travel is totoally safe from that point onwards.


As this trip is significant and requires committment, we will not accept people to just sign on  elecronically.  It will require a face to face meeting and a run through equipment and preperation well before the trip.   By all means feel free to express interest, but if you  press that button "Im Going"  then plan to meet up with us within a few weeks of committing, so we can go through it face to face and get a chance to also meet, as this is a long trip and we want to feel we can all get along well.


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22 Jan 2020
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