16 Mile Jeep Track, Mount Buller, VIC, Australia

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16 Mile Jeep Track

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Andrew (whipit)
Easy - Medium Was easy and dry when we done it 02/16 heard it can be hard when wet
Luke (bushstig)
Unknown Condition
Glenn B (Hanglider)
Medium - Hard Some nice steep climbs and fine in the Dry, but this track could become quite a challenge with the clay in the wet.
Nick (Bagoo76)
Unknown Condition
Luke Watt (Apples)
Unknown Condition
Tony (4x4-Hilux)
Easy It's a very good track, Done it both ways. And have done it dry & Wet ! Excited.
Toyotachick (cruiser_v8)
Easy - Medium went after heavy rain. bit slippery
Phill Rosenow (Phillby)
Medium - Hard In the dry this track is fairly straight run a up (what can be sometimes a bit rutted) hill. I rate it as a Med just because it's a little steep. Like most High Country tracks in the wet it would slippery and can be to the point of almost impossible, either going up or down.
Lee Orwin (4B-ADDICT)
Medium - Hard This one is hard in the wet
Kevin (riordak_ranger)
Easy - Medium Slippery when wet
Wayne (Vitaraman)
Easy - Medium Easy in the dry. Very slow going.
Jesse (Zd_patrol)
Unknown Condition I found this track to be steep and long in places. With a bit of rain it would be very slippery.
Steven (57ev3n)
Easy - Medium
Jesse (Speedy18)
Easy - Medium
Corey (Project_Alice)
Easy - Medium In the dry this track is definitely easy. In the wet it can go from easy to very hard pretty quickly due to its slippery clay surface
David (Y62TiL)
Easy - Medium A little steep in sections. Not a track to be tackled in the wet due to its red clay base