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Tyre Review is the best place on earth to get accurate tyre information straight from those putting them to the test.

We have gathered reviews across Australia’s largest database of tyres and vehicles to help aid in the decision making of your next set of tyres. With over 6800 tyre reviews & helpful articles we aim to help your search for new tyres easier and more informed.

Why we started Tyre Review.
A few years ago, we saw a problem. The problem was that there was no centralised place for tyre reviews in Australia. They could be found on Facebook, forums, Instagram, toilet walls (true!), down at the pub, and all sorts of other places we can't mention for legal reasons, BUT no single spot where you could sort through the reviews based on the car you drive.

So we decided to fix that. We got Australia's best database of vehicles and tyres, and mated it to this spiffy new website.

This means you are be able to:

- Filter reviews based on the exact car you drive
- Filter reviews based on the tread pattern you're interested in
- Compare reviews based on driving styles

We're entirely independent, and focused on making this the best place to review tyres. What we really want to know is what you think of the tyres themselves. Check out our website www.tyrereview.com.au or follow us on YouTube www.youtube.com/tyrereviewvideos.


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