Uploading videos to your trip report.

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Allan (allanmac)
26 Nov 2015

I have also added Kelvin's instructions of how to upload/embedd your video to your report. Again, it may seem a little complicated, but after a few goes is quite easy.


Click "Share" option of your YouTube video.

PS: As Kelvin said, you video MUST be uploaded to youtube AND NOT BE PRIVATE. It can be either 'public' or 'unlisted'.

Click Embed, and copy the link

Now, post a new message/report. Click "Source" button at the editor. 

Paste the link you just copied from youtube

Once you have pasted the link, click "Source" button again. You shoul dsee a rectanglar box iFRAME. At this stage, you cannot view your video just yet. 

You are now ready to post your message. Your YouTube video will appear (embedded)