Woods Point Hotel - CLOSED !!

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Marcel (Trail Ape)
27 days ago

From there Facebook page:
(link below)

This is the post that I really didn't want to write.
The Woods Point Hotel is now CLOSED.😭
For the last 6 months we have been battling to defend ourselves against the Covid authorities. Some locals have been reporting us to the Covid authorities over and over again asking for them to close the pub. It looks like after today's efforts it has become a sad reality.
We have been trying to contact everyone with a booking. Please bare with us in this difficult time as we try to move forward.
We will keep everyone posted.
Thank you with all my heart for everyone that has supported us.


John Ernst
John Ernst (Erny)
27 days ago

Yep saw the post you really have to go out of your way to get closed down at the moment. If the federal election didn't tell them popular opinion was against them I don't what else would.


That's no good to hear Marcel.....just another way of breaking and controlling us.
You know, once they start, they won't stop.

Covid is over now, these guys are still stuck in the pandemic world of 2 years ago.


Matthew (discomatt)
23 days ago

What covid restrictions? I thought that crap was over for pubs so what exactly are the locals winging about and what got you closed down?
Bloody disgrace that yet another small business has to shut and yes just more control and manipulating of society.
People say nothing can be done but that is only because as a majority society just puts up with it, bad things only happen when good people do nothing to stop or change it