Few things to consider for your first post-lockdown 4WD TRIP! Are you ready?

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Kelvin (TREXGQ)
29 Oct 2021

Are you excited about your first post-lockdown trip? To many of us, this weekend has a special meaning. Not only this is our Melbourne Cup long weekend, it's also our first 4wd trip weekend after the lockdown.

We hope you will have a safe and memorable trips. I know your 4wding skills may be a bit.... you know... rusty.... make sure you lock your hub, shift that 4L stick that hasn't been touched for a long time.

Couple things that we recommend:
- Do a pre-trip check over your 4wd if it's sitting in your garage for quite some time
- Bring your chainsaw (there could be a lot of tree down)
- Check your winch is working (and re-spool your rope if it's been used last time)
- Check over your recovery gear. The track could be wet with recent rain.

Couple things you may also want to consider:
- Try not to talk about COVID or vaccination. We respect everyone's opinion and their decision. Don't bring such topic to your trip, leave them behind.
- COVID safe approach (You know the drill after so many months)

Last but not least, make sure you download Dirt Map app. If you use Google Map for your city drive, you need to have Dirt Map for your offroad use. I guarantee you will not regret.
Download Dirt Map here iOS Download
Check out Dirt Map website www.dirtmap.com
Dirt Map facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/dirtmappers

Have a safe trip!

Founder - 4WDTRIP
Founder - Dirt Map

Dave Vistac
Dave Vistac (Davev)
29 Oct 2021

When is an Android version coming out?