Midweek North of Walhalla

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Trevor (Trevor56)
9 days ago

Had a great day out driving tracks I been on before and some new ones.
Met Phil at Erica who was full of enthusiasm as usual. My brother and his son also came along for the day. The tracks were surprisingly very dry and dusty.
Headed of towards Merringtons and went up Sullivan's and found our first tree blocking the track. Came back down Bridle Track.
Headed further north on Jorgensens down to Donnelly Creek rd. From here headed to Comet Spur Track then onto Aberfeldy.
Turn onto Okeefe Track. This is were we found they have been grading the tracks with a dozer. You could have driven a sedan down them. Hoping to go up Spud Spur track but was closed with tape and road closed sign so headed out Pluto track to head up to Fiddlers Green area. The top of Spud Spur also had a road closed sign.
The dozer was working in the fiddlers green area and what was a fairly overgrown track was now clear. They were about 3/4 of way down Ash rd towards the two fords. Headed backup lost spur track- dry as. Back in June it was wet and a challenge.
Went along Fiddlers Green track to Mt Selma road, yet to be dozed so still overgrown in places. Headed back toward Mt Selma track to head south with a couple of off road excursions Phil was familiar with including a nice little steep rock climb before heading down Mt Selma Track towards Merringtons, Went up Bridle Track this time to the main road to head back to Erica.
Cheers Trevor