New to 4WD - need some driver upgrading

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Colin (EastEndBoy)
19 Nov 2020

There are formal training centres that can offer the theory as well as the practical. I found one with theory being run in Melb 4 nights over 4 weeks as close to work and the practical was done at their specific centre on a specifc day
Of course this a cost, but your learn from qualified people with experience in teaching.
However you can also learn on the job with others on this group, and u should join a easy trip. I have run a few and this will help, but remember everyone has an opinion, can give advice, but does not mean it is right or best practice. Hence the warning that you partake at your risk

I am happy to run a trip with you and I have used '40 4wd trips near melbourne' as the base for these previously

PM me if u want.
HTH Colin


Hi Steve, Checkout 4WD clubs in your area. 4WD Victoria Association clubs run courses as well as trips to hone your skills. You may get the course a lot cheaper by doing it through or even at a club. Checkout the following links. and
Good Luck.


Keith (Dmax Dan)
21 Nov 2020

Hey Steve
The best advice i can give you is to decide what your fourby is for. If it is for FWDing i.e. pushing it to see how just how much terrain you can conquer before it gets stuck or breaks (and you will break it.) Or is it a vehicle to allow you to get out and see all of those wonderful places in our beautiful country, I use mine for the later. I have nothing to prove and my goal is always to see as much as is reasonably possible and then get my family safely home again. Holidays budgets don't usually run to a 10k flattop bill getting your MUX off the cape. Nor is it much of a holiday in some dinghy motel room for a week while you wait for parts or repairs. My Dmax has taken us all over this country and bought us safely home again, as i have used it as a tool to get us to what we wanted to see not as an extension of my ego. You will learn as you go, a little at a time, never think that you can't learn more at any stage. Two bits of advice my dad gave me. You will learn more with your ears open and your mouth shut. Secondly, that you can learn something from everyone, even if it is just how not to do stuff. Enjoy.
Dmax Dan


Thanks all for the great tips.

I'm hoping to get into one of the courses before the end of the year to get some basic skills up.

Agree with you Dan, I'm old enough now to not need to prove anything - I want the family to experience some of the not so common travelled places and not thrash and break the car.


Darran (dcnavd23)
23 Nov 2020

Hi Steve,
Advice I can offer is to have a look up 4WD Victoria and look into affiliated 4x4 Clubs that are local to you. I joined a 4x4 club when I first got my vehicle and it has been great. Not only do you get the knowledge of the members who have been using their vehicles for years, you also make great friendships so there is always someone who is keen to go out with you, you can go along to their meetings and chat with the members as to how they have set-up their vehicles, where they go, and what they recommend. Joining a club is an extension of 4WDTrip as it gives you the opportunity to increase the exposure to different trips.
Hope this has helped.


Hi Steve , Great decision to get training . I went to Great Divide Tours training facility near Braidwood NSW for a 1 day individual session . Best investment I made for 4WD ing . Great facility and great training - highly recommended . Cheers ........ Johnny .


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