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.Tyre Review
This review covers two sets of tyres. A set of Yokohama Geolander A/T-S’s and a relatively new Set of Falken Wildpeak AT3-W’s.

Yokohama Geolander A/T-S

These tyres gave approximately 60,000Kms, and performed very well during that time, although gave less milage than the Previous set of Maxxis A/T’s that I ran. The Yokohamas performed very well on seal both wet and dry and did not aquaplane even in very wet conditions. The sipes engineered into the tread design did their job well. When deflated they performed excellently on sand and floated well over all sandy surfaces. Typically, I would deflate them to 15psi, and never had any issues with tyres rolling off the rims. When traversing hard ground, pressures used varied between 18psi to 24psi, and they gave excellent traction on forestry tracks and rocky ground. Gravel road traction was also exceptionally good, and they gave excellent road holding on all types of gravel roads. Dirt driving was also typically good, although when confronted with very slippery mud they did not clear as well as a M/T tyre would, but in most circumstances still performed well. But for what appeared to be an even better choice with the current set of Falken Wildpeak tyres I would happily have purchased another set.

Falken Wildpeak AT3-W
These tyres are a relatively recent purchase, so my comments do not cover the same duration of use as the Yokohamas.

However, since fitting them I have been very impressed with initial use, and I selected them for the following reasons.

Tread design is more aggressive without being the full open block structure of a M/T tyre, although performance is very similar.

There are plenty of sipes engineered into the tread, and to-date on road performance has been very good. The tread design has strong square edges for good traction, and the sidewall armour is more pronounced than on the Yokohamas, an important attribute when traversing sharp rocky ground with lowered tyre pressures.

They deflate well for sand or soft ground use and give approximately twice the length of contact patch from road going pressures when deflated to 15psi. Reports from other users record better milage than the Yokohamas, with distances of 80,000Kms plus frequently experienced, which if achieved will be an added bonus.

Tread compound is designed to minimise chipping, and to-date there has been no sign of any tread damage when driven over rough terrain. Other user reviews have rated these tyres very highly, and initial use bears out the testimony from other users. I consider I have made an excellent choice, and they were particularly good value having been purchased as part of a 4 for the price of 3 promotion run at the end of June.

One interesting side benefit is my speedo now reads accurately. The previous tyres were a set of 275/70 R16’s, whereas these are a set of 265/75 R16’s. The result is a slightly higher sidewall and greater rolling circumference, so a 5% speedo error has now been corrected as well as providing a few mm’s extra ground clearance. In all I consider them to be an excellent selection.