Kinetic Rope (aka Recovery Rope), is it better than Snatch Strap?

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Kelvin (TREXGQ)
19 Sep 2020

I am always interested in hearing your thought on kinetic rope / recovery rope. Tell us your experience, and what you think. Is it better than snatch strap? It's certainly a lot more expensive than traditional snatch strap.

Highly recommended for those times you are really bogged or need a tow up a slippery hill or even a rocky hill. They stretch a whole lot better so dont put as much stress on recovery points and otherwise make for a much smoother recovery. For a light bogging I would still use a cheaper strap seeing i wouldnt want to overuse such an expensive bit of kit if it isnt required.


Sam (Sambo)
19 Sep 2020

Hi Team,

I don’t think think it’s more expensive at all if you do a lot of 4x4 driving. A snatch strap is only good for maybe 8 recoveries at the max if you do your research. More fibres break each time you use it and if you don’t wash it ( let’s face who does) the dirt and grit accelerates this process.
Kinetic ropes made from Dynema and similar materials have a higher stretch meaning less tearing of fibres, equaling more times it can be used. But also allows the rope to build up a lot more energy meaning a surprisingly small diameter rope can pull a huge tonnage of weight. Add a return block in and it amazing how much you can recover with them.
So in the end in me view I’m carrying less weight, a rope with 10 times more recoveries and more pulling weight. Also the use of soft Shackles is a good addition with them to.
On a side note I’m not affiliated with any company, it’s just from years of experience with ropes in offshore sailing and now seeing it come into off-road. Soft shackles are a must with them to, new to off-road but been in the marine industry for at least 15-20 years.



No experience. I have only used traditional snatch straps. I see a place for future use of kinetic ropes and nearer future for soft shackles for me. Have none yet.


Hi Guys
Have seen this rope seems amazing. I have just moved across to the carbon winch rope and have yet to use it but I like what I see. Have also moved across to the soft shackles. So will see how it goes when we all get out of lockdown.
Cheers Chris Burr


Eric (4x4xEric)
19 Sep 2020

So, I’ve only used a really big recovery rope in the army on uni Mogs. Truck alone weighs in at 6 tonnes. Recovery rope as thick as a coke can.
I’ve seen the smaller ones on Matt’s towing Youtube and I for one will never buy another snatch strap.
I’m already a soft shackle convert but steel shackles have their place.
I don’t have pulley blocks (Snatch block) anymore ether as the alloy wheel with soft shackle is way better ( even with friction losses)
Just remember, your new fan dangled gear is still only as safe as your half witted mate that’s hooking it up for you.
Be for every trip, just after you air down, ask everybody body to show everybody their recovery points and gear and make sure every body know how to use it all.