Walhalla 4x4 (Another Mid Week Meander) 10-6-2020

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Trevor (Trevor56)
17 Jun 2020

Ofor and I had an interesting and enjoyable day out midweek.

While not covering all I thought we might, it has left some for next time.

We met at 8.30am and left about 9.

Down Merringtons track and this time turned hard left at where the track divides that takes you into the camping area proper. The Donnelly Creek/Aberfeldy River junction ford was at what I would call normal level (easily forded). Up Junction Track and onto Donnelly Creek Rd. Track conditions were good. Wet in the corners where the sun doesn't get to this time of the year but just damp to dry elsewhere as the area had not had any rain of significance for a week or so.

Turned right onto the start of Comet Spur track and quietly made our way along the "private?" section. Headed up first the first steeper section and then on an even steeper section. Ofor started to struggle here but after few trys and bit more right foot made it.

Onto to Cullen track towards Aberfeldy (they had a grader and roller working on this track)

Spur Spur Tk was on the list but there was no way Ofor was going to get up it.

Onto Ash Rd.. This rd sees very little use. A vehicle had been along it recently as you could see tyre tracks at times but undergrowth was encroaching onto the track and there was growth on the centre section. The track is easy to drive but pin striping will occur. The track goes down to the Aberfeldy river where there is two fords which are easy to cross. The fords have had some work done to them by positioning tree trunks on the downstream side to cause the river stones to build up. The section marked as steep is OK and in good condition,. After the fords the track changes name to Lost Spur Track. This track climbs back up to the ridge. However it is rutted and red clay. No way was Ofor going to get up this. I tried and could get up with a bit right foot. Any wetter and would probably have to winch.

We retraced our path and had a look at Short Spur track. There is as steep section on this track and I managed to scramble up with some momentum. Again Ofor would not make it up. I went to the top and came back down. We then returned back along Ash Rd to the Walhalla Rd.

As mentioned, if you don't want pin striping do not venture in, unless you are prepared to stop frequently and trim branches.

The only downside to the day was the clutch slave cylinder crapped itself as I moved off from the lights at Yarragon. I managed to pull into a right turn lane out of the traffic to work out that I had no clutch. With some persuasion I got it into first gear and with no traffic coming moved to the other side of the highway then with some finessing of the throttle got into fourth gear and drove to Lyndhurst without stopping. RACV took over from there.



Kelvin (TREXGQ)
01 Jul 2020

Great report Trevor!... Looks like a great trip..... sorry to hear about your clutch...well at least you were not in the middle of the bush....