HIKEit X9 - Throttle Control Review

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Kelvin (TREXGQ)
06 May 2020

Looking at a new throttle control called HIKEit X9. Does anyone has a review on this one yet? .... iDrive has been a great success, let's see how this work out.

Alex (TEQ-80)
11 May 2020

I'm not convinced any of these electronic throttle controllers can do anything your right foot can. Or can't....
They dont give you more power, can't open the throttle faster than the ECU will let it, sure, they might open it more or less that your right foot dictates but that's it. As for 'it gives you better control', thats a poor substitute for being able to drive lol. My 80 has an electronic throttle, manual trans, low range reduction gears behind an LS2 and I have NO throttle control issues. Each to their own but I'm not getting one then justify buying it let the flaming begin !


Installed on my 2015 3.0 TDI VW Touareg and was not sure how it would go but for the discounted price of a little over $183 figure it was not a lot to put at risk.
Now I am a true believer! Hike It9 turned the Treg into a beast. Now just leave in Auto mode and let it make the adjustments to suit my driving style but if I want to really go, switch to Hikeit9 and WOW! If want to be reminded of how much better the Silver Rocket goes with the HikeIt, I simply turn it off and then I am even more convinced. Highly recommend it and it has the added advantage of being able to disable the accellorator for security reasons via a PIN code. Well woth the money. I used the coupon code MORGRUNT and it worked just fine.