4WD TRACKS in Victoria

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Currently all 4WD Tracks are shown in Victoria only. 4WD Tracks in other States will be available soon.

  • Easy entry from the discovery center end. Medium difficulty bog at end of the trail with two large holes and a lot of mud. Made it through in a stock prado on all terrains with some difficulty

Eaglehawk Track

Wulgulmerang West, VIC

* This is a seasonal closed track

  • Lovely views. Dusty/rocky surface. In the dry is no problem. Track very narrow though, places you can't pass another vehicle (cliff drops). The bottom end towards dargo comes out to a river crossing (check depths first) and a gorgeous open camping area.

  • nice and quiet spot, 2 small (1 marked and 1 unmarked) camp spots on this road. We recently did Ellis track as a night run, then camped here to then tackle Gentle Annie and surrounds